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Over the past 10 to 15 years the number and quality of research economists able to contribute to high quality economic policy analysis has shrunk. This is partly due to the lack of incentives that there were in the past and the pull towards more lucrative consulting and research projects, which may or may not be related to individual academic research interests. In the case of economists working in the government or private sector, energies are inevitably directed towards fulfilling direct job responsibilities.

It is in this context that there is a need to increase the quality and quantity of economic research undertaken by Indonesian economists on issues of national importance that is of internationally publishable standard (national and international journals in the Scopus Index) and that provides input that is germane to good policymaking

Therefore, we created the Indonesian Bureau of Economic Research (IBER), or Indonesia - Biro Ekonomi dan Riset (IBER) in Indonesian. The purpose of the network is to provide support for economists to conduct quality research which can be published in national and international journals, provide intellectual input through high-level professional engagement, build capacity for younger economists, and most importantly build a platform to contribute to evidence-based public analysis of key issues for Indonesia and to provide objective policy input when necessary.

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