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Indonesia Bureau of Economic Research (IBER)

Launched on January 26, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia Bureau of Economic Research is a consortium of several faculties of economics and business of top Indonesian state universities and research centers. Inspired by a view of a platform of economist research network for Indonesia, IBER wishes to support quality research in economics for publication in national and international journals by providing intellectual input through high-level professional engagement; building capacity for younger economists; and building a platform to contribute to evidence- based public analysis of key issues for Indonesia and objective policy input.

Governing Board

Director: Dr. Moh. Chatib Basri, UI

Vice Director: Teguh Dartanto, Ph.D

Secretary: Dr. Hera Susanti

Finance: Dr. Arie Damayanti


Advisory Board

Prof. Boediono, UGM
Prof. Emil Salim, UI
Prof. Iwan Jaya Azis, UI and Cornell University
Prof. Mari E. Pangestu, UI and CSIS
Prof. Armida Alisjahbana, UNPAD
Dr. Sudarno Sumarto, SMERU
Prof. Budy P. Resosudarmo, ANU

Founding Institutions

1. FEB Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta
2. FEB Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta
3. FEB Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung
4. FEB Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang
5. FEB Universitas Brawijaya, Malang
6. FEB Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar
7. Fakultas Ekonomi dan Manajemen, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor
8. School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung
9. Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Andalas, Padang
10. SMERU Research Institute, Jakarta
11. Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Jakarta
12. Survey Meter, Yogyakarta
13. FEB Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya

Contact Us


IBER Building, Kampus Universitas Indonesia, Jalan Salemba Raya No. 4, Kenari, Senen, Jakarta Pusat


+62 812 8704 3157